Solutions to build and maintain a clean energy World

About Operandi

We are a technology company focused on providing solutions for the clean energy sector.

Our software platform and made-to-order technology solutions help you build and maintain projects.

Operandi is a green tech company located in Cambridge Ontario Canada, part of the Waterloo Technology Triangle and the Toronto-Waterloo Corridor.

Our Mission

To help build clean and renewable energy projects.


Our Vision

Be the leading provider of technology solutions to the renewable energy sector.

What We Do

Our company is committed to providing tech solutions that are the right fit for your clean energy projects.

We respect your existing workflow processes and believe data is owned by the customer.

Our goal is to provide solutions that complement the way you work, making your work more productive and successful.

How We Work

A team working together is one of the keys to business success.

Your business and group are unique and that's why a tailored technology solution will allow you to maximize your group's potential.

We're in your corner as part of your team.


Businesses are going mobile and your business should be no different. Mobile opens opportunities for you to be innovative and disruptive in the marketplace.

Don't let your business be left out of this wave. We can make your mobile strategy a reality.


Our Platform

You bid on a project, you're awarded the contract and now working on the execution, great! What can go wrong? Why is the project slipping? How do you pinpoint the true issues or prove your work to the client?

We developed a suite of tools to help you build and maintain clean energy projects. Don't tackle any project without our tools backing you up.


Our Apps

Our app solutions are used to augment your current business processes resulting in improved productivity and increased efficiency. They are built for the field to work in extreme conditions and have a short learning curve.

Data Freedom

There are no walled gardens with our solutions. Part of our mission is to create a World free of walled gardens. We don't box you in. With our solutions you're free to do as you please.

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